Exquisitely Strikeing is a production company based in Chicago. We are made up of a fantastic group of individuals!  We are proud of our team and represent the greatness Chicago can bring.  Our company was founded in 2014 with the intent of creating opportunities and facilitating work for those in the event industry. Within a short time, Exquisitely Strikeing went from being a small company building a business around lending a helping hand, to a production company of skillful minds that work directly with vendors, venues, and other clients in this industry. Our innovative staff is made up of an assorted combination of creative individuals within different professions. "You attract what you project!"  We are founded on values of professionalism, generosity, and hard work, and will bring these same values to you as we assist in carrying out your events.  We come together as a team of industrious designers in order to help you execute a flawless event!